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window cleaning in perth

window cleaning perth

professional window cleaning services in perth 


perth window & Glass cleaning 


Window Cleaning

We are Perth`s best residential window cleaners offering fast next day service at affordable prices. In order to get your home looking its best your windows need be crystal clear. Leave it to our residential window cleaning team to get the job done on time and on budget.


Window Cleaning

Are you a property management or strata management company in Perth that need a series complex of windows cleaned? Our team of strata window cleaners have the skills and labour available to undertake large scale window cleaning across the Perth metro area.

Window Cleaning

Regular commercial window cleaning is the best way to create a positive experience for your Perth customers. First impressions count so leave it to our team of professional commercial window cleaners to get your windows sparkling and crystal clear. We are fully registered and insured. 

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

✔ Crystal clean glass – free of streaks, or smears or smudges.

✔ Saves you time – many painstaking hours (or days).

✔ Keeps you safe – no ladders or awkward climbing.

✔ Window lifespan extension – prevent accumulated dust and dirt etching your glass.

✔ Beautiful home/office – clean glass makes any place fresh 

5 Reasons To Use Our Services

✔ Prompt, friendly & affordable local window cleaning experts

✔ Fast on time service & customer support available at all times

✔ All staff are registered, insured and police checked 

✔ Affordable rates & discounts for seniors on all services 

✔ Convenient booking system over the phone or online

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is there a risk that my floors will get wet?
    A: No. Our window cleaners are professionaly trained to the highest industry standards. Careful attention is given to ensure the surrounding area under your interior windows is covered with a dropsheet so your floors will be adequately protected.
  • Q: Will you clean my window frames and window sills?
    A: Yes. As long as they are made from plastic or PVC then our team can wipe them down at no extra charge.
  • Q: Id there anything I need to do before the window cleaner arrives?
    A: Yes. Please make sure there is clear access and no loose items next to both the internal and external windows as this may make it unsafe for the window cleaner to undertake the task.
  • Q: Does the technician require running water?
    A: Yes. The window cleaner will need to have access to running water whilst at your property.
  • Q: Do you clean windows on commercial buildings?
    A: Yes. We provide a full commerical window cleaning service for all customers in the Perth metropolitan area. Some jobs may require a site inspection or photos of the area that needs cleaning prior to submitting a quote and we are always happy to welcome new customers. We can clean windows up to 4 storeys high by using a water fed pole from the ground level to clean the windows.
  • Q: What happens if it rains on the day of the booking?
    A: Our window cleaners prefer to clean external windows when it is not raining as the rain will jepodise the quality of our work and also make it unsafe for our technicians to perform their job. We can easily re-schedule your job if it is raining on the day of having your external windows cleaned.
  • Q: I will not be home on the day of the booking. Will this be a problem?
    A: No. A long as you have given permission for the technician to enter the property prior to arrival the window cleaning service can take place hassle free if you can not be at home. Please let us know prior if a key will need to be collected or if someone will be available to open up the property for us.

about perth window cleaning

Welcome to our professional window cleaning service here in Perth. We clean windows for homes, offices, apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels & shopping centres. Have your windows cleaned today by our professional Perth cleaners for the ultimate crisp & clean look today. Having clean windows makes your home or business feel fresh and inviting. 


Our window cleaners can be contacted directly by phone or by filling out the quote request form at the bottom of the page. Once your quote request has been received we will carefully review your window cleaning requirements and reply to you in a timely manner. Most quote requests can be given over the phone, however if we need any further information about your job we may ask you to send us some pictures about your job to help us quote accurately. Once our quote has been accepted when can then proceed to book your job in at the earliest convenience. 


What does your Perth window cleaning service include? Once the window cleaner arrives at the property they will thoroughly inspect all the windows prior to commencing the job. They will start by removing any cobwebs and proceed to clean the window frames. The glass is then thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside. Then the clean glass gets expertly wiped down for a spot free & streak free finish. Careful attention is paid to dry and wipe down the window sills and ledges prior to finishing up the job.


External windows & glass are usually cleaned with purified water which is supplied by us. The purified water is fed through an extension pole which can clean windows up to 4 storeys high. Once cleaned, the glass is left to dry naturally. As the water has been filtered from harsh minerals and impurities the clean windows once dry will be streak free and crystal clear. Using this advanced method of window cleaning is an effective way to eliminate excessive dust build up on exterior windows ultimately preventing them etching against dust particles. 


Our Perth based window cleaners can ensure you will be getting first class service, friendly and affordable window cleaning backed with our lifetime workmanship guarantee. With years of accumulated experience in servicing commercial and residential customers with the latest window cleaning techniques, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the best possible expertise & results in the business. 

Benefits Of Booking A Professional Perth Window Cleaner


  • Having clean windows improves the appearance of your home & business.

  • Professional Window Cleaning will save you both time & money in the long run

  • You don’t have to risk your own safety over reaching to clean your windows.

  • Our window cleaners are some of the most experienced in Perth & we adhere to all necessary safety precautions.

  • We also bring our own equipment & detergents so you won’t have to worry about anything. Regular maintenance of your windows prevents them from getting damaged permanently from accumulated dirt and debris and extends their lifespan.

  • We also work with many great small business around Perth including Westside Electrical which provide Perth Electrician services to customers north & south of the river

Window Cleaner

“Cleaned our store front windows. Now we can see out of them properly”

Nick Wilson, East Perth WA.
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